Empowering the Church:

The ministry runs several church empowerment programs.

  • Leadership Development:
    The ministry conducts leadership conferences, seminars, train and support pastors and church leaders. A special effort is made to spiritually empower women as they are most marginalized in many societies. Ladies retreats and conferences are hosted by the ministry in partnership with friends and ministries that care that the church is grounded in the word and is encouraged to reach the world. Under this efforts seminary scholarships are solicited to send others for seminary of Bible school training.
  • Agape School of Theology
    In partnership with Agape Baptist Church www.agapebaptistntinda.org the ministry has initiated a school for theological formation. The first target is men and women who hold positions in the church and are teachers of the word but have not been exposed to thinking theologically. This are men and women who will never be able to go to seminary but desire to be equipped to be better teachers and servants. The school also targets pastors and church leaders who want to be equipped in ministry. The school’s other target any Christian who wants to expand their knowledge of the Bible and strengthen their commitment to the disciplines of a Christian life.
    Download: Agape School of Theology Brochure
    E-Mail: agapeschoolofministry@gmail.com
  • Church Construction program
    A house of worship is a necessity for every community. Most often a church building is the center and a point of reference in many communities. A house of worship also speaks volumes about the faith of a given community and therefore a church building tells that this community honors Christ not ancestors. ACEM is committed to assist, especially rural churches, to have decent places to worship God.

Empowering the Child:

A child sponsorship program is being implemented in partnership with Hands of Kindness Children’s Ministry based in South Carolina in the US. Handsofkindness The program targets needy and disadvantaged children of the ages 7 years to 13 years (or primary school going children). . With $35 a month the program helps children to acquire education, get medical assistance, get some domestic needs met, and acquire some life skills. To improve the care for these children the program is making an effort to build hostels where they can be given at least three meals a day and a good bed to sleep. See What We are Going to Do.

Empowering the Community:

In partnership with Embrace Uganda a ministry based in North Carolina, US, www.embraceuganda.org ACEM is implementing the following programs:

  • Education
    The ministry is implementing a student scholarship program that is assisting needy and disadvantaged children to access education beyond elementary school. The focus is secondary school and vocational education and exceptional cases for University education.
  • Clean water
    The ministry endeavors to support rural communities and institutions to access safe drinking water to eliminate water borne diseases.
  • Resource Media Center:
    The ministry envisions the development of Resource and Media Centers to enable students and the community to access human and technological resources, translation, communication, and net-working, receipt and distribution of educational materials to Churches and communities. The centers will also have educational books for the students to use to prepare for exams and to provide a conducive environment for study.